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Monica Theodotou - Instrumental Music Co-ordinator, Music Department

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     Nicosia, Cyprus


The Benefits of Music & Learning  an Instrument

•   Improves neural activity
•   Music builds intellectual curiosity
•   Fine-tunes auditory skills
•   Develops creative thinking
•   Increases coordination
•   Pupils stay engaged in schools
•   Emotional development
•   Provides a unique way of self-teaching discipline
•   Improves efforts in other academic areas
•   Cultural empathy

Guidance for parents/guardians
Students should be fully involved in the choice of instrument and in the decision to take instrumental lessons; a commitment is required from the student as well as the parent/guardian.

Students should be encouraged to play at home and prepare for each lesson. A quiet place and a regular routine are key.

If students have interrupted their music tuition due to the pressure of other exams, they can start again. Playing an instrument can relieve stress and develop other skills. Many of our highest achieving students play an instrument.

Instruments can be purchased locally on a rent-with-option-to-buy scheme. Ask your teacher for details.

Our experienced music staff are happy to advise you on an individual basis regarding instrumental music and all music studies. Just make an appointment!


Orchestral instrument scholarships
We offer a limited number of instrumental scholarships to students in year 1 or 2 for orchestral instruments. The scholarship comprises a 30- or 45-minute lesson per week and the loan of a school instrument (where available). These orchestral scholarships are awarded after a demonstration to all students and a detailed selection process. Students who receive a scholarship
are required to play in an ensemble and are evaluated twice a year.
Orchestral instrumental scholarships are available in the following instruments: (numbers of scholarships vary according to availability)