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Paid music lessons

Lessons are offered for all instruments and are available to students of all year groups. As well as the orchestral instruments listed previously, lessons are offered for:
•    piano
•    classical/ acoustic guitar
•    electric bass
•    drums
•    voice
In addition, specialist tuition in jazz and rock styles is also offered

Music Instrumental Programme Standards and Commitments

Private Instrumental Lessons
  • Lessons can be 45 minutes or 1 hour depending on the instrument, age of student and level, after consultation with the Programme Director and visiting music teacher.
  • Lesson times are arranged from 1:30 pm after school to fit in with other activities on a first-come-first-served basis. The lesson time is fixed for the school year.
  • Lessons take place on school premises and are under the guidance of the music department.

Private Instrumental Lesson Placement
  • A good student-teacher relationship is essential to a positive and productive music learning experience.
  • The students are placed with a teacher based upon learning style, experience, and musical interests to ensure that each student receives the best-personalized instruction.

  • Students will commit to lessons for one academic year. Lessons will continue unless notice in writing is given by the end of the Easter term.
  • Lesson times are fixed and may not be re-arranged. Students are permitted one excused absence per term
  • Only lessons due to sickness will be re-scheduled without cost. The visiting music teacher should be notified of absence due to sickness directly, and no later than 9:00 am on the morning of the lesson.
  • All private lesson teacher absences will be made up.
  • Payment should be made in advance, in 3 instalments. No refunds will be given.
  • For more payment/lesson options contact the Programme Director.
  • Instruments belonging to the school which are loaned to students (where available) have a €30 annual maintenance fee, payable by parents/guardians.
Attendance Expectations
  • If there are anticipated problems (e.g. a scheduled school trip etc.) with a lesson time students/ parents/guardians should notify the Visiting Music Teacher directly one week in advance. Where possible, Visiting Music Teachers will attempt to make up for lessons missed for such legitimate reasons at some point during the course of the academic year, although this is not guaranteed.
  • If a student is unable to attend their individual Instrumental/Vocal/Theory lessons because of a long-term illness or similar, parents/guardians should contact the Visiting Music Teacher directly in advance of the scheduled lesson(s) and copy in the Programme Director (
  • In cases where a child’s ability to play their instrument is hindered by injury (e.g. broken arm) students are expected to continue attending their scheduled instrumental lesson and Visiting Music Teachers will teach Music Theory/Aural in these lessons.
  • Parents/guardians can expect to receive a written report from the Visiting Music Teachers on their child’s progress once a year.
  • Parents may contact their child’s Music Teacher directly at any time, using the contact details provided.
  • Parents will be given the opportunity to meet Visiting Music Teachers during the Parents’ Music Week during the Spring Term.
Payment of Fees
  • Payment for lessons should be made to Ms Argyro Protopapa at the school’s Accounts department.
  • Parents/ guardians will be invoiced in advance of the term’s lessons.
  • For alternative payment methods contact the Programme Director on 22799342 or
  • The English School reserves the right to suspend or discontinue instruction of any student who is delinquent in fulfilling financial obligations.

Termination of Tuition
  • In order to terminate Instrumental/Vocal/Theory tuition, parents/guardians must give half a term’s notice in writing to the Visiting Music Teacher AND Programme Director ( Parents/guardians must give half a terms notice using the following termination dates:
  • To cease tuition at the end of the Summer Term 2022, notice must be given by Friday 27 May 2022.
Music Assessment and Examination
  • Parents/guardians can expect students to be prepared for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music examinations, on a voluntary basis.
  • These exams take place at the school on a date arranged by the British Council. Examination fees and any Accompanist /Aural training fees are charged to parents/guardians via the Programme Director.
The English School is an ABRSM centre and we enter students for practical and theory exams in all sessions.

Students can take their practical exam at school.

Accompanying and aural training lessons are offered 
for exams on a paid basis.
Exams are optional and taken in consultation with the teacher.

Summer Tuition
The instrumental programme is open year-round, and students have the option to continue private instruction throughout the long summer with flexible scheduling

Expectations for Instrumental Music Students at The English School
  • All students learning an instrument at The English School are encouraged to participate in an ensemble/group as identified by their Instrumental/Vocal Teacher and as invited by the Music Department, when they reach an appropriate standard.
  • Regular, meaningful practice and a commitment to performance over and above graded examinations are expected of all students.
Parent/Guardian Commitment
  • Please ensure that your child brings their instrument (excluding piano, double bass and drums) to the lessons at school and takes them back home afterwards. Students may leave instruments in the Music Department with permission from the Programme Director.
  • Please arrange a fixed practice time at home. We strongly recommend that vocal and instrumental students practice for a minimum of thirty minutes per day.
  • Please support your child by ensuring they know the dates and times of their music lessons (as emailed by the VMT) and any examination dates.
  • Keep In touch with both the VMT and the Programme Director using the contact details provided.

Communication with Students and Parents
  • Parents/guardians may contact their child’s Music Teacher directly at any time, using the contact details provided.
  • Parents/guardians may also contact the Programme Director (22799342 / should they wish to discuss any other matter or to make an appointment.
  • Communication will usually take the form of an email or a telephone call. All forms of communication will be recorded.
  • All information correct at June 2021. The English School reserves the right to amend as required.
Privacy Policy:
Any personal information received will only be used to process your registration. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.